HM2006 controller is designed for electrical power peak regulation of large consumers. Regulation is optimized according to defined curve and set regulation or technical maximum. If trend of average load_profile demand verges to exceed the set demand value, particular stages of electrical loads are being disconnected. In the case that the trend verges under the set level, controller is reconnecting disconnected circuits.

Controller has 5 inputs, which are used for energy meter pulses of +P, +Q, P, Q and synchronization impulse. One input can be used for tariff indication. Controller is normally connected to the energy meter pulse outputs via separation unit. Controller outputs are realized by 6 changeover contacts 3A/250VAC which control mechanical contactor circuits of defined electrical loads.

hm2006 connection

Load profile memory

Controller HM2006 has built memory for load profile and outputs status with capacity for 40 days recording. Once the memory is full the newest data overwrites the oldest one.

Time synchronization

Controller HM2006 has input for synchronization pulse from energy meter with positive or negative pulse type. For application where there is not possible obtain synchronization pulse the precise internal real time clock can be used. Internal clock has 48 hours backup for case of supply voltage lost.

Pulse input internal supply

Device is equipped with optically separated internal power supply 12 VDC for supplying energy meter pulse outputs.


Main features

  • 5 inputs (kWh, kVArh+, kVArh-, tariff/kWh-, reg. period)
  • 6 fully programmable relay outputs
  • Programmable priority and times of each output
  • Internal power supply for pulse inputs
  • Real-time clock circuit
  • Real-time clock 48 hours backup
  • Communication interface RS485
  • Internal memory for 40 days load profile