A power quality analyser designed according the norm EN 61000-4-30 class S with three voltage and four current inputs for measurement of electrical parameters in LV and MV systems. PLA34 is built on a 32 bit RISC processor that provides sufficient processing capabilities for real-time measurement and calculation of all parameters and values. Continuous sampling of the voltage and current inputs at 40 kHz guarantees the highest accuracy. The PLA34 is an instrument for power quality monitoring according to the norm EN 50160. It can be used on the energy supplier side as well as on the consumer side in order to find and analyse the root cause of network problems.


PLA34 offers USB, RS485 and Ethernet interfaces with several communication protocols. Modbus (RTU, TCP, Gateway), TCP/IP, HTTP (web-server), FTP, TFTP, NTP (time synchronisation), SMTP (email notifications).

modbusgateway pla34Ethernet - Modbus gateway

Thanks to the built-in Modbus TCP/IP converter it is possible use the PLA34 as an Ethernet - Modbus gateway for the connection of instruments with RS485 interfaces and Modbus RTU protocols.

EN 50160 PQ analysis

PLA34 has the capability to record all parameters for the evaluation of voltage power quality according to the norm EN 50160. The EN 50160 controlled parameters and their intervals are predefined in a special template for easy setting. Via software there is the possibility to prepare a complete report for period defined by the user.


Birght LCD display with white backlight shows most interesting parameters and access the minimum important settings of the instrument. Full list of measured parameters and advanced instrument setting is available via software PMS.

Web server

The instrument has an internal web-server for the remote real-time monitoring of most of measured parameters. The web-server has been designed primarly for portable instruments with web browsers and HTML 5 support.

Main features

  • IT, TN, TT networks, 3 and 4-phase systems
  • PQ EN 61000-4-30 class S instrument
  • continuous sampling of voltage and current inputs at 40 kHz
  • 4 current and 3 voltage measurement inputs
  • short and long term flicker according to the EN 61000-4-15
  • detection of transients > 25 μs
  • detection of events > 10 ms
  • monitoring of residual currents
  • data logger, event and transient memory 1GB flash
  • communication interfaces RS485, Ethernet, USB
  • Ethernet-Modbus gateway
  • 2 digital inputs / outputs
  • high accuracy active energy Class 1
  • accuracy current / voltage 0.2%
  • LCD display with backlight
  • auxiliary supply voltage input 85 ÷ 265 VAC/DC
  • web-server and email notifications