PLA404RGP is highly portable power quality analyser designed for measurements at distribution boards with limited space. PQ analyser has 5 voltage inputs and 4 current inputs for Rogowski coils and measuring clamps. Instrument is equipped by USB and Ethernet interface for easy configuration on site and download of recorded measurements.

PLA404RGP is delivered with set of 4 Rogowski coils 60 cm length and set of 5 voltage clamps. All parts of the instrument are packed in carrying bag for easy transportation and manipulation.

Internal clock backup

The internal clock is synchronized via NTP servers if there is Internet connection. The clock shift is less than 1 second per day to assure precise events and transients time flag recording. Inside the instrument is a Lithium battery for real time clock backup with the designed working life of 10 years.

Flash memory

The portable power quality analyser PLA404RGP has 1 GB of internal non-volatile FLASH memory for recording measured parameters, events, transients and energy values. The memory works in FIFO mode so when the memory is full the oldest data is overwritten by the newest.


Solid and reliable terminals

PLA404RGP has top class terminals with excellent connection for best performance of measurement and long time reliable usage.

Web server

Device has embedded web server for remote monitoring of the PLA404RGP instrument over the Internet. To visit the real instrument web-server follow the link PLA44. Enter the username "admin" and password "1234" to access the instrument web server.


Main features

  • measurement in IT, TT and TN systems
  • EN 61000-4-30 class S instrument
  • continuous sampling of voltage and current at 40 kHz
  • 4 current and 4 voltage inputs
  • Fourier analysis from 1st to 65th harmonics of UL-N, UL-L, I, P(+/-) and Q(L/C)
  • detection of transients > 25 μs
  • detection of events > 10 ms
  • sampling frequency 40 kHz
  • auxiliary supply voltage input 85 ÷ 460 VAC/DC
  • real-time clock battery backup for 10 years
  • 1 GB of flash memory
  • Ethernet, USB
  • web-server, email notification for alarms and events