Power Monitoring Software

Power Monitoring Software is a software tool for PC with MS operating system that manage communication, configuration and data recording of BMR instruments equipped by communication interface.

Software structure

Power Monitoring Software is based on server client archytecture and consist on three particular programs. The core of PMS software is called PMS server and it manages communication with other programs and also with all BMR instruments connected to the computer. It is also responsible for storing the data to SQL database according the user defined period. All programs communicates each other via TCP/IP protocol so it is possible to use them on different computers if needed.

Database management

Advanced SQL database management with possibilities to split existing databases for faster response. Adjustable periodical database splitting for speed optimization and best system response. Online and average data are recorded in the SQL database. Also data from instruments with an internal memory are completed to the SQL archives for off-line evaluation by PMS evaluation program.

PMS real-time monitor

Realtime monitoring is avaialable for all instruments managed by PMS. Realtime data are displayed in form of tables with an automatic refresh but can be shown also in a form of realtime charts and bargraphs. PMS realtime programm is called PMS client and it alows to configure complete PMS system and particular instruments connected to PC as well as recorded data to SQL and all communication interfaces.

SQL data

Data from instruments managed by PMS are stored in SQL Firebird database. For an instruments without internal flash memory the data are regularly read and stored into database. Instruments with internal data memory are periodically downloaded to complete data in the database. Offline data are available for further studies via PMS data evaluation program.

PMS data evaluation

Software tool PMS data evaluation provides various options for displaying of stored data from SQL in form of tables, charts, bar graphs and histograms. Zooming functions, maximum and minimum searching and other features are avalable for charts and tables as well as various export formats for tables and charts. For power quality instruments it offers creation of reports according to EN 50160 norms for user defined periods.

  • designed for MS Windows Xp and newer
  • firebird SQL database
  • multiple language support
  • power quality EN50160 reporting tool
  • PUE statistic tool
  • modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, FTP protocols
  • supported instruments: