DTR01 keeps independently for both channels set reference temperature with hysteresis 2°C. The relay has two normally open output contacts 16 A. Double thermostat DTR01 is supplied together with two NTC 3k3 sensors with the 3 m cable length.

Device functions

DTR01 fce
F1 - differential thermostat

If the set temperature value T is not reached, output relay R is closed. When requested set temperature is reached, relay R is disconnected. Reconnection of relay R is made at the moment of measured value decline under the set level T minus hysteresis 2°C. Hysteresis eliminates relay bouncing at boundary values of temperature. Each channel is totally independent.

Voltage monitoring relay

Main features

  • Temperature range -25°C ... +95°C
  • Two 16 A output contacts
  • Delivered with two sensors
  • Digital optical operation status signalisation