FCR06 / FCR12

The power factor controllers FCR06 and FCR12 are well proven controllers for LV and MV applications as well as for fast and hybrid thyristor power factor correction applications. The power factor controllers FCR06 and FCR12 offer advanced functionality, the automatic detection of measuring circuits and capacitor steps, three-phase current measurement, and also reliability and design for the hardest conditions.

Symbol menu

Each parameter in the monitoring and service menu is represented by a three or four character symbol. Symbols are logical and assure user friendly experience and an easy understanding of all parameters and measured values shown on the segment display.


The controllers FCR06 and FCR12 have features for smart de-compensation with several reactor steps operating in a similar way as capacitor steps or only one reactor that is tuned by capacitor steps.

Advanced alarm setting

Power factor controllers FCR06 and FCR12 have several alarms which are adjustable by level, min time of event, action on regulated steps etc. Special alarm from temperature is able to control forced ventilation of PFC and protect capacitor steps against higher temperature.

Cascade operation of two controllers

Two controllers in variant C can be connected together to expand the number of controlled steps or substitute for each other in a system with two main power supplies. Any one of controllers can behave as a master or slave.


Three-phase measurement for unbalanced systems

In unbalanced systems it is necessary to measure current in each phase and calculate needed compensation power from real three-phase powers. FCR06T and FCR12T controllers are available with three current inputs.

Over temperature control

The controller offers the possibility of a temperature alarm working in two levels. The first level starts the ventilation of the cabinet. The second level disconnects all steps and gives an alarm notification on the display.



Main features

  • 4 quadrant measurement and regulation
  • monitoring of U, I, P, Q, S, cosĪ†, THDU, THDI,
  • monitoring of odd harm. of U and I till 19th order
  • three regulation methods (APFR default)
  • automatic / manual detection of measuring circuits
  • automatic / manual detection of connected steps
  • universal CT input ../1A and ../5A
  • cascade parallel operation of two controllers
  • thyristor control speed up to 25 operations in 1 s
  • ready for dynamic and hybrid PFC
  • ready for de-compensation PFC
  • monitoring of switching operations and operation time
  • memory for min. and max. values
  • three-phase current measurement for T variant
  • internal temperature sensor
  • adjustable temperature for cabinet disconnection