TRF01 is a single-function relay for delay release after control contact disconnection, with immediate output reaction. It is possible to set time out from 0.1 sec till 10 days. Another operating states: timer always ON and timer always OFF. Relay has two output double-throw contacts 8 A.

BMR time relays have universal power supply circuit available for AC and DC voltage in range 12 ... 230 V.

Time relays are equipped with operation status and LED optical signalisation for easy operation and service.

Timer function

TRF10 fce 1
F1 - delay on operate

Timers TRF01L

Main features

  • Universal AC / DC power supply 12 ... 230 V
  • Industrial processor based design
  • Precise crystal clock
  • 2 changeover 8 A output contacts
  • Optical signalization
  • Small compact design